November 11, 2011

Holy Foodbuzz!! It's Just the Beginning....

This year I was able to go to Foodbuzz's third annual Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco. To catch you up real quick, it's a weekend long foodie festival starting on Friday night with a welcome dinner. It starts again bright and early Saturday morning with classes taught by (successful) fellow food bloggers, or celebrities in my eyes. I'm talking Foodgawker, Peas and Thank You, Joy the Baker, Shutterbean, and so many more (but I'm too lazy to put the links so I'll give you my favorites). Following the classes we were able to attend the Taste Pavilion at The Metreon where all you do is sample new foods by up-and-coming food and beverage providers and network with them...and eat....BUT one thing that a foodie like me wanted to die over was a surprise appearance from TYLER FLORENCE!!!!!!
I probably would have been fine going home after this but I didn't dare because later that night he was scheduled to do a cooking demo for us sponsored by Alexia foods and dinner was going to be provided as well (Filet Mignon to be exact). Sunday the festivities wrapped up with a farewell brunch sponsored by the godly chocolate brand Godiva. As of now, I'm in a bind because a boat-load of people are going to be talking about this in the blogging world and I don't want to bore anyone with my "look at my fun weekend" posts but this is a food blog so I figured I'd skip the sight seeing pictures and show you the food I found myself surrounded by. And trust me there's a lot. It seems like whenever I started to think about food, Foodbuzz force-fed me with the best of the best...usually. For this, I am thankful. 

When Mike and I got to San Francisco on Friday we checked into our old scary historic hotel and left (immediately). I checked in with Foodbuzz to get my swag bag, and super awesome badge, then I was free until six. We decided to start our culinary adventure and get some food. Our goal was to only get things from places we had never been. You think that would be hard for people who grew up going to San Francisco but that city is packed (literally) full of places to eat. We decided to go get pizza by the slice. There's a place that we found once in the middle of the night and we haven't found it since even though we look. It's a mystery - think Harry Potter and the Room of Requirement. Anyway we thought we found the place but it wasn't it so we ate there anyway. 
You can't go wrong with pizza. But we still had some major time to kill so we went for coffee. We found a Blue Bottle Coffee Co since I'd never had their coffee, and it's kind of hard to find considering we found one down an ally. Then we went sight seeing. We drove as far up the hills as we could and found the coolest view of the residential area... sorry, but here's one sight seeing picture.

Close to six I got ready and headed over to the Hyatt to catch a shuttle to the dinner. When we got there, Sabra had a tasting of different types of hummus for us to try. Everyone was mingling and eating. Wine was served which definitely helped break the ice for people who didn't know anyone there (cough, cough). It was super fun to meet new people and eat really good (free) food. The best part was seeing everyone bust out their cameras as soon as they saw food! I really have found my people *smiles*.
After about an hour we started dinner. It was buffet style and the food was from our fellow food bloggers. I definitely had some favorites (and not-so favorites but who gripes about free food?). There was no shortage of food, they definitely had it ready for backup. It got to try my first seared pork belly. I would have traded in all of the other food for more of it!!! Look how beautiful it is. And it was hard not getting any of the other cameras in the pictures - you know us food bloggers, we know good food when we see it.

One of the other really cool things is that I was able to meet and sit next to Jason Phelps from Ancient Fire Wine Blog. Luckily for me I was able to sample his strawberry wine - delish!

Now I may not know much about baking but I love me some desserts. However there was very few things here that I really enjoyed. I would have preferred a good piece of cheesecake or something. I mean the room was full of food bloggers - someone could have figured something out! One other small gripe was the lighting. You'd think they'd provide the best lighting for food bloggers. Nope. But what we managed. I think most of us agree that eating the food was more important than taking a million pictures of it.

By the end of the night I was so full and exhausted that I didn't bother going out. I'll end this post with my first night of festivities but trust me, so much more is coming. I'll share the people I met, the food I tried, and laughs that came a long with it. Until we meet again... cheers!


  1. It looks like you had fun! I'm jealous of all that great food you got to eat!

  2. Haha don't be, a lot of the stuff in my next post is stuff you can buy at Whole Foods!

  3. It sounds like a fabulous experience. Your recounting of it was almost, almost mind you, as good as being there. This is my first visit to your blog, so I took a bit of time to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a great spot to visit and I really like the food and recipes you share with your readers. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Thank you so much Mary, I love hearing that! I do hope you'll be back, and I look forward to sharing food experiences with you.

  5. Hi Monica! Thanks for stopping by my blog. How come we didnt meet and greet? :( You have such beautiful photos and had a great coverage on the whole foodbuzz event. Also looking lovely there in a photo taken together with Chef Tyler Florence ;). I'm following back your wonderful blog. Hopefully we do get to meet next time. Hugs, Jo

  6. Thanks Jo! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog :) I know it's awhile away but we'll have to meet next year. Until then I look forward to seeing more of your posts :D