About Us

Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza - Serious Pie; Seattle, WA
About the Food
Hello all! In this blog you'll find all of our foodie adventures. We're starting out on our own but refuse to live off of Easy Mac and cereal. Living in California, we have access to some of the freshest, healthiest foods in the country - and trust me, we take advantage of it. We travel often so you'll also find posts about the things we see and, most importantly, the things we eat! Our goal is to help make your foodie adventures that much more awesome! So fellow foodies I hope you enjoy my little blog. And feel free to leave me any feedback.

Pinecrest Lake; Pinecrest, CA
The Fabulous Author
I'm Monica and I'm the creator of For My Love of Food. I'm a college grad living in the heart of northern California.  I started cooking when I was a senior in high school and never looked back (thanks Mrs. Aschenbrenner!). I feel my best when I'm traveling and going to new places. A lot of people may say it, but my favorite thing to do is see new places and try new foods. That's one of the biggest reasons why I started this blog a few years ago. I'm also an avid wine drinker (and occasionally tequila drinker), amateur photographer, cake decorator (it's what pays the bills), and television junky (yes that means anything from Bravo to Food Network to IFC). I have many hobbies and passions and I hope I can share as many of them with you.

Artesa Vineyards and Winery; Napa, CA
The Sous Chef (and boyfriend)
Mike is my boyfriend and is the most amazing sous chef and taste tester ever. He leaves the blogging up to me but is full of yummy ideas and inspiration - we're kind of an awesome team. He's also a girlfriend-proclaimed math genius and the most spontaneous person I've ever met.

Ka'anapali Beach; Maui, HI
About Us
Where do I begin... well we've been together for almost 6 years for starters. We're best friends, partners in crime - that sort of thing. We met when he was a pizza delivery driver at a local pizza place and I was an ice cream scooper at a Baskin Robbins (yay to first jobs). Now we live in a tiny apartment (with an equally tiny kitchen) in the town where we both went to college. We LOVE road trips and have been on quite a few and are, literally, always planning our next vacation. I wouldn't change a thing about us. (Read the blog to find out more) ;)


  1. How did I miss that you're a B&R cake decorator? Great bio. Um, isn't that the Monterey Fisherman's wharf in the background shot of you? That's my home turf! So glad I met you. You are such a delight to know.

  2. I sure am! That picture is from Monterey, I went there for my birthday last December - that's when I went to Passionfish (omg!!) I'm trying to figure out if I want to go back this year or head over to Tyler's restaurant in SF ;D

  3. i like your and you sous chef's philosophy on food :)

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  5. hello !! keep it going guys !! good job