April 21, 2010

Help Our Kids- Courtesy of Jamie Oliver

Remember Jamie Oliver, once The Naked Chef? How many people were watching his new show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? Well we were. The show was sort of on at a weird time- Friday nights at 9. But in case you didn't watch it (shame on you) what he did was simple. Jamie went to the unhealthiest town in America (Huntington, WV) and tried to get a food revolution going to make their people healthy again.

Jamie Oliver 's Food Revolution Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-mYAoWu-O8

When Jamie arrived at an elementary school he faced a lot of resistance from the adults who seemed too lazy to make any real changes and resistance from kids who would die for their chocolate milk...an literally were. What Jamie found in Huntington were people dying of obesity, entire families getting diabetes, and young kids getting their lives shortened because of the fatty, processed food they over-consumed on a daily basis.

Jamie tried replacing the crappy school lunches (nuggets, french fries, several types of pizza, and and every color of milk except white) at the schools with homemade food that were full of vegetables and nutrients. Real bread, baked chicken, and salads were too much for the lunch ladies...sorry...school cooks to handle. Jamie went through every resource he could to let the people know he had a kitchen up for people to come in and learn how to cook good, healthy, meals. There's one episode left but so far Jamie has taught over 1,000 people in that town a better way to cook. His kitchen is open up to anyone and the people are starting to take notice of their problem and trying to fix it.

Jamie has a petition up so that we can get our kids' school lunches healthier across America and not just in that one town. Here's the link. It's really simple to sign, you just need to do it. We hope you do.


Also, on the show Jamie showed the town how to make a really awesome looking beef stirfry. He chose it because all the ingredients are healthy and obtainable. We haven't tried it yet but we're dying to soon. Here's the recipe. We'll let you know what we think soon. :)


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