April 4, 2010

Grown Ups and Rice Crispy Treats

So we haven't had much to post these days. We're getting ready to move soon so a lot of time has gone to that. Apartment hunting, school, working... it all takes so much time. Obviously our cooking took a back seat (along with the blog) but we're trying. It's never been that being an adult is hard its just cooking sounded like the last thing we wanted to do after a long day- to be honest that didn't make us very happy. We finally got back into the groove of "cooking" one night when we actually had some time off. (What? Time off? What's that?) Actually we did use that day for school stuff but that night we needed something that would be suiting for our broke-college-student needs (basically cheap and quick... and something sweet!) What did we make? Rice Crispy Treats, of course. Three ingredients and ready in less 10 minutes. You can't beat food that easy. The recipe was on the box, but it wasn't like we really needed it. Melt butter, add marshmallow and melt, then add Rice Crispy cereal and mix well. Done. It's easy but we did change one thing. Instead of adding the given amount of cereal, we added the same amount as the marshmallows. What we ended up with was the perfect amount of chewy and soft- magic for the most part. It was nice to allow the children that we still are at heart to come out for a while. We learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes being in the kitchen doesn't mean we have to produce the perfect 10 course meal, but being silly and not so serious is way more important. It was so worth it.
Mikey and Mo's very grown up Rice Crispy Treats

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