June 8, 2010


We decided to take our first camping trip of the year last week. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. We love hiking, fishing, and the whole not showering thing... Something that we also get excited for is the food,though. We go beyond just roasting hot dogs and boiling water. Mikey usually handles the dinner portion (because it means he can play with the fire) while Mo handles breakfast. Our overall menu included eggs, potatoes, bacon, baked potatoes, roasted corn on the cob, clam chowder, chicken sandwiches with tomato, hot dogs, and S'mores. Oh yeah- we know...

Let's talk about the propane stove we had. It was small and only held one pan (or pot) at a time but it was so easy. It held the pot for the chowder, the pan for the bacon, the eggs, and the potatoes, and even was easy enough to use for a just a tea kettle for a quick cup of hot chocolate. The best part is that we could keep the stove by the campfire in case we absolutely needed hot chocolate but didn't feel like getting up :)

Breakfast was another thing that we had a good system for thanks to our wonder stove. Since we were only feeding the two of us we could use one pan to make everything for breakfast. One day breakfast came out particularly well; Bacon-Scrambled Eggs and Breakfast Potatoes. First cut the bacon into small pieces then cook it so there's enough fat in the pan to cook the potatoes. When the bacon's done but it on a plate with a paper towel and cover with foil. Next you have to dice the potatoes up then put them in the pan as soon as the bacon is done. Mo hates to cover things because it keeps her from being able to see what's happening but we did it anyway and they cooked faster. When the potatoes get soft and you've put enough garlic powder, salt and pepper on them then put them onto a plate and cover with foil too. Leave whatever oil is left in the pan and turn you pan to low heat. Now add beaten eggs. They should start cooking right away. You need really low heat. Mo is sort of awesome at eggs and knows you can't rush the process. When the eggs start to cook together and have lost most of their liquid consistency add the chopped bacon to the eggs. Fold, mix, stir, you know.
*Quick tip* We don't bring milk when we camp but if you're like Mo and won't cook without something in your eggs then used evaporated milk. It does the same thing, just as well.

You can't tell us that's not a pretty good meal for one pan, cooked in the outdoors! It was really filling and cleanup was minimal.

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