January 18, 2011

Holiday Cookies- It's Never Too Late

I won't lie it's been a while. Moving to a new city, being on my own, and starting at a new university. I've been meaning to blog- honest I have but it took a cold for me to actually sit down and find things to do. I got a Nikon D3000 for Christmas specifically to feed my love of photography (thank you Michael) :) so I really have been wanting to get back into this. One of the first things I was able to take pictures of was our holiday cookies. I got my camera before Christmas because he knew it would be helpful :) We made 3 different types of cookies- sugar cookies, chocolate crinkles, and classic chocolate chip. We made all 3 at the same time and rotated which ones we cooked (just to mix it up I guess).

Most of the the Ingredients

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
We got our recipe from Alton Brown's Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. They are the perfect chocolate chip cookies and I don't know anyone that hasn't liked them.
Mike says the more brown sugar that goes into them, the chewier they'll be so I added about 2 T extra. We also doubled the batch so we yielded around 60 cookies from our batch.
Yes. This actually happened. :)

The Sugar Cookies
I got this recipe from my mom. We've been using the same recipe as long as I could remember. At first the dough seems crumbly but you really have to compress it down. After that, it should be the perfect sugar cookie dough.

I use powdered sugar instead of flour to keep the dough from sticking.

Chocolate Crinkles
These are another favorite of mine. They are a good mix between a cookie and a brownie. You should always let cookie dough chill in the fridge before you bake it but because the chocolate gets melted so the dough is pretty warm.

Push the cookies down a little because they don't flatten much in the oven. I dusted the flattened cookies with powdered sugar when they came out and they were insanely good.

I didn't post the recipes because I'm not sure if people want that info for 3 cookies but I do have them. I hope you like them :)

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