March 12, 2010

A Cookie Cake Pie

We must be crazy or in dire need of cavities. This recipe is so simple but be warned- it's incredibly sweet. All we used were ready-to-make desserts so we could throw them together, bake, and eat. This isn't really a recipe, just the play-by-play of our little adventure. The ingredients here are enough to make two Cookie Cake Pies but even we didn't need that much!

Obviously it was a Pillsbury night... no idea how Betty got in there

So we started by laying the (already made) pie crust in the pan, layering the (already made) cookie dough on the bottom to make a layer about 1 inch thick. Then we put that in the oven at 350 for around 7 minutes.
While the crust and cookie were in the oven we started getting everything for the (easy to mix) cake mix. Eggs, oil, and water. It was a piece of cake... (hehehe) Anyway, once it's mixed and the cookie is out just pour enough of the cake mix to fill the rest of the pie tin up.

We put the whole thing in the oven for about 40 minutes. We got worried because it got pretty brown on top pretty quickly and looked wiggly, but it never got much darker and the wiggle went away. While this was cooking we ate the cookie dough. 40 minutes is a long time and we didn't want it to go to waste. What were we suppose to do.
We really had no choice..

 So when the whole thing came out we let it cool for a bit. Mo couldn't wait to put the frosting on so she didn't. We used white vanilla frosting with the sprinkles in them because that was used the confetti cake mix too. When we cut it we found that everything was cooked well. We both make homemade pie crust that is sweeter than what we bought but the less sweet Pillsbury brand worked well with everything else that was so sweet.


  1. Love this. Mouthwatering. As Paula says... makes ya want to slap your mama. :-)

  2. I absolutely love the looks of that slice! The three combined must taste heavenly-thanks for sharing.

  3. Everything about this is a genius idea! Looks like a dessert lover's dream!

  4. Thank you!! The best part is that it's semi-homemade so it's super easy to make!

  5. Oh my gosh! This is amazing. I'm in love. It's all my favorite things in one place!

  6. Thank you! Beware - it's extremely addicting!!