March 10, 2010

Seafood Bonanza

Okay. We're not trying to sound corny, but there was a seafood bonanza... like literally, Food 4 Less had their Seafood Bonanza and we bought a lot of seafood. How are we supposed to live in California and not take advantage of something like that? So after waiting a couple months for this weekend, we went in with shrimp in mind, but still open for anything. There was a lot of choices; fish, prawns, scallops, etc. There were only a few crab legs and they all seemed like- well they just weren't good enough. The boy working the seafood counter obviously saw the amount of thought we were trying to put into which legs were the least scrawny, and if it was worth it, because he told us he had some really big claws in the back and he'd bring them out for us. He wasn't kidding. Not only were the legs bigger but the claws he brought out were the size of Mo's wrist. We willingly caved into his up-sale and decided to buy a little more than a pound of crab legs and claws. In order to make a full meal out of it we bought a Cesar salad (the kind that comes with everything in the bag) and some tools to crack open the shells.

So we got home and put those suckers in boiling water. We thought it would be better because they were frozen but by the time the water was boiling they were thawed and we could have just put them in the oven. Ugh. But we finally got the water to boil and only put salt and garlic powder for seasoning.

Mikey did most of the crab-in-the-water handling because he could actually see into the ginormous pot. Meanwhile, Mo handled the salad prep and getting the butter ready.
The butter (which is actually vegetable oil spread) was melted for 15 seconds and garlic powder was added to that. We're garlic people if you haven't gotten that by now.

We finally pulled out the crab and were happy to see that it was thoroughly warmed from only being in the water for about 8 minutes. It smelled so good in the kitchen, we couldn't wait to eat. We plated everything then sat down. As far as cracking the shells went we just used scissors. The shells were too soft for the little contraptions we bought. If we would've baked them then the shells would have been harder. We kind of rushed through the salads as a sort of first course, then mentally prepared for the large clumps of crab that sat on the plate. The claws had really given some amazing pieces. So we ate every single bit that was on that plate.Every piece was so juicy because of getting boiled and with the garlic butter that we didn't even talk. "This is sooo good" and "we're definitely doing this again" were all we said. There wasn't a single thing left to eat, and that's exactly the way it should be. And yes, we will be doing this again.

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