March 14, 2010

(Too) Hot Wings

Buffalo wings are something that we try to find wherever we go. There's all kinds to choose from and they're pretty much offered at any restaurant or pizza joint so finding some isn't hard. Ok. Buffalo wings are one thing, but habanero wings are another. This is our slightly ridiculous attempt at trying to be brave while trying to eat 15 habanero wings (5 of which were regular buffalo for backup). We've eaten the wings before which is how we found out about the place called Texas Buffalo Wings in Lathrop, CA. Mo's the one who can handle the spiciness a little better but that doesn't make these wings that much easier to eat. The wings have a horrible habit of being so tolerable for so long that you let your guard down when you eat them next, then when you do, you feel like hell itself has literally taken up temporary residence in your mouth. Pain as actually a word that comes to mind pretty quickly.
Believe it or not the red saucy, spicy looking wings on the left of the picture are actually the regular buffalo wings. The three on the right are the evil ones. So this is how the night went. We got our 15 order of wings and could instantly smell the spiciness through the Styrofoam container. This made us really excited (a short lived emotion). We sat there with a glass of water, a large amount of ranch and enough napkins to almost feel guilty for. We both dipped a wing in ranch and went for it. There was a surprising amount of flavor for just one wing. The surprising amount of heat came next- our mouths burned in pain. They weren't this hot last time! The water didn't help and neither did the ranch. It took us about 3 minutes to recover from the shock of the first wing. After that, we just paced ourselves. Once we would finish one we would seemed to forget the pain and think we could keep going. We did this until we ended up with one of each type left and we just couldn't do it anymore. We'll probably wait a while until we do it again but this definitely won't be the last time that we do this. Overall it was a really fun experience and we recommend them. =)

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