August 12, 2011

BBQ from Bobby-Q

The whole reason Mike and I went to Phoenix in the first place was to watch the Giants in Spring Training. We were afraid of a rain, which actually ended up cancelling our game but giving us a win :) It was our first time going and I was very excited to be so close to my favorite baseball team, close enough that they could hear me cheering them on (double smile). Like I said we the ended up getting rained out so we left early - after staying in the rain with all of the other hardcore fans!
Close to our seats :)
Waiting in the rain
With all of extra time, we decided to explore Phoenix a little bit. We drove around and went downtown but we must have been subconsciously saving our appetites for dinner after the food experience we had our first night in town because we didn't eat. I'm soo glad we didn't. Once again the magic we found was located right by our hotel across from Pappadeaux. It's funny how that worked. Anyway, we looked up the reviews (Mike does this even though whenever I suggest somewhere he thanks me - this time wasn't any different). With the rain, Mike suggested just ordering a pizza. What?? Muahahaha! No way! Here it is....
You can't beat "World Famous"
Being from California I can't claim I've eaten authentic BBQ. I know what I have eaten was DELICIOUS but how authentic it is not something I claim to know. What I'm trying to say is you give me meat in BBQ sauce and I'm going to eat it, and 9 times out of 10 I'm going to love it. This restaurant proves my point. Bobby-Q gave us enormous portions and the food was insanely good. This time Mike's baked potato wasn't ready in time so he got a complimentary side of coleslaw. Double score.
Please don't be alarmed, this is the full rack. And please don't be alarmed, this was all mine. It was a lot more food than I realized but I was hungry and I got a pretty good size doggy bag... that I also enjoyed. the meat was juice and literally fell of the bone (my mouth is watering). The shoestring fries were nice and crispy and perfect with the really flavorful sauce on the ribs. It didn't feel like you were eating another meal with the fries. The mac and cheese was another story. Honestly I could have done without it because it was so rich. I would choose it with a half rack because it was still phenomena, but not with the full. This meal is the second reason we'll be going back to Bobby-Q if we're ever in Phoenix again.

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