August 10, 2011

First Stop - San Diego!

Michael and I took a road trip, which happened to be our first week-long vacation together. Originally we planned to go see The Giants play for Spring Training in Phoenix, AZ and needed a place to stop on the way back. Of course, what better place to stop than Vegas?? Ok, so we had Phoenix and Vegas but driving from Sacramento to Phoenix didn't sound like fun, and didn't look too good on Google maps either, and since we had already been to Los Angeles multiple times we decided to stay in San Diego to help cut down the drive. The best part of multiple stops (no, it's not the extra expense of hotel rooms) is the different places you can stop to eat. So here it goes!

After 8 hours of driving to San Diego we couldn't wait to get out and walk around and eat food that didn't come in packages that could fit in a lunchbox. We walked around Old Town for a while, deciding on which Mexican restaurant to go to. We ended up stumbling upon a little store that sold "unique" jerky and homemade root beer. Naturally, me being a "unique food" enthusiast (which ended up being a theme for our vacation), and Mike being a boy, we had to stop by and get a snack.

We ended up buying two bottles, one to drink and one to bring home as a souvenir, and some wild boar jerky. It tasted exactly like normal beef jerky and was actually pretty good. If you've ever had any kind of root beer that wasn't A & W or Barq's (or any other kind of brand name) you know that though the familiar root beer tastes are there, it's usually sweeter. I wouldn't say it's something I would drink normally (I like my brand names) but I'm totally glad I tried it.

100% dried boar :)
We ate dinner at a restaurant where the owner was out talking to people walking by and being very social. To top it off the store was filled. To me these seem like two good things to consider when in a new place.

Mike got the tacos and I got the chicken mole. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the taste was spot on. The Mariachis played beautiful music and the same owner checked on us and our meals multiple times. The ONLY reason we left early was because we went to see the sunset at a nearby beach. I really don't think you can find a bad restaurant in Old Town if you want good Mexican food - you definitely have your pick.

The sunset we ended up getting to see.
The next day we were scheduled to head off to Phoenix but we decided since we had nothing to do but drive for like six more hours, it wouldn't be a big deal if we stayed (another theme of our trip) and hit up Old Town for a tour of the Whaley House AND some homemade tortillas!!! Some of the restaurants have women with a stand attached where they sell homemade tortillas - and trust me, THEY'RE AMAZING and only cost a dollar for two! You can't beat that! Ever since that day Mike has been asking about them and I've told him I'll make them.


  1. Love Old Town! Never tried the Jerkey or Root Beer though, I guess that will have to be done, soon! As for the tortillas... yup, they are the best!

  2. They had all kinds of jerky (ostrich, kangaroo etc.) but decided on the "least unique" and it ended up being really good :)