August 22, 2011

Mango Salsa

I'm addicted! I've always wanted to make my own mango salsa and I finally got the chance to! In my delivery from Farm Fresh to You, I got a lot of fruit with things that I don't usually go out and by on my own. Growing, up I didn't eat a lot of mangoes so I don't really know how to cook with them - besides the salsa. I saw my delivery as the perfect opportunity to try something new. Besides how incredibly sweet and spicy the salsa is, it's also really easy to make. I couldn't stop eating it right out of the bowl... you'll see why. I didn't follow a recipe for this, but I make salsas regularly and just substituted the mango for the tomato and it worked out.
My FFtY delivery
What You'll Need:
1 Mango
1/2 Red onion
3 Chili peppers of your choice
1 C Cilantro
1 Avocado
Lime juice

The first thing you'll need to do is peel your mango. I used a potato peeler, but make sure the mango is room temp so it's easier to peel and cut. After cut the mango into small cubes and put in a serving or mixing bowl.

I don't usually use avocados in any salsa, but I'm never opposed to it! I did use it in this one, though. I had an extra one and the creaminess of them is welcome in most of my dishes. Just cut the avocado in half and cube them in the shell. Use a spoon to scoop them out into the bowl. 

Cut the chilies next. My favorites are Serrano and Wax peppers. I rarely use Jalapenos because they're awesomely spicy but Mike can't always handle it. For this salsa cut the chilies like you would for any other salsa. I had three peppers and since I heard a lot of heat is in the seeds (and my mouth would agree), and since I didn't know how spicy these particular chilies were, I took out the seeds from one of the peppers and left them in the other two. I prefer the heat.

I really love the taste of cilantro but I'm fully aware some people don't care for it. I cut up about a cup of it to add. Do less if you don't like it, but I wouldn't cut it out completely because it helps give a really great freshness to the salsa. I also used mostly the leaves. I'm also fully aware that there is tons of flavor in the stems but I just didn't want to use them.

Now the onions. I've used white onion in salsa before but I already had some red onion and I felt like the flavor would be a good mix with the heat and sweetness, since red onions have a lot of flavor and tend to be a little sweeter too. 

Once everything is in the bowl give it a mix and use the juice of one lime to help with flavor and things from browning. You can serve this salsa as a garnish for fish or chicken, as a salsa for a party or get-together, or just to eat straight out of the bowl. No matter what it's spicy and delicious and definitely foodie awesomeness.

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