August 10, 2011

Gouda and Fruit Plate

Okay, okay. I know I'm suppose to be going in order of my culinary endeavors but this was just too pretty and too delicious to wait to post (this probably won't be the last time this happens - fyi). I had an unexpected day off today (that's how you know you work too much - when people want your hours) and Mike was out fixing his car, or some boy stuff like that, so I slept in. When I rolled out of bed I couldn't decide if I wanted to watch Top Chef and drink coffee or watch Top Chef and make breakfast. Since I get a wonderful shipment of organic fruits and veggies, courtesy of Farm Fresh to You, and because I bought a brand of Gouda I hadn't tried yet, I decided on a small cheese and fruit platter (and Top Chef).

I decided on one plum, a handful of red seedless grapes, and blueberries (I only used about half of them). 

I rinsed off the blueberries and grapes together with the spray option on my sink faucet instead of the stream. I always feel like stream is too much water at one time for fruit.

 (Even in the wax, the Gouda looked delicious). I only cut off 1/3 of the cheese - come on, it was barely even lunch time!

You can't deny this (even as a first meal of the day). With the little chunk of cheese I used, I cut it into smaller bite-size pieces. I never worry about making the pieces even because I like the uneven amounts of creamy contrast they give when eaten with the fruit.

Then I put the berries and grapes on a paper towel to really dry off. After I cut the plum into bite-size pieces.

Yes, that fabulous fabric you see under my plate is my totally retro couch :)
 I then plated everything. All of the natural sweetness was a good change from my morning coffee. After everything was plated (I'll clean up later) I sat down and watched Top Chef! :)

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