August 14, 2011

Our 3 Year Anniversary

 On June 5th we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We only dated two months before we made it official, and three years later here we are.

We worked next to each other for a year but never talked. Mainly for the small fact that we were both dating other people. All we had were these moments where we would see each other and get nervous and maybe smile, or if either of us was filling brave, wave. Both of our jobs were planning a bowling trip together one weekend. I actually put it together because for the first time in 3 years I was single and wanted to meet one of Mike's coworkers. Little did I know (I would have if we ever talked) that he was single now, too. What were the chances?? You can ask anyone there, we were inseparable the whole night. We talked and talked. Fast forward three years later, and well.... it's his turn to clean our dishes :)

I don't know if it's because Mike and I met while we were working in the food industry (well, we still are) that every anniversary is spent with some good food. We use to go out to dinner all the time or find cool things to make (well, we still do) and just talk and laugh. This year was one of our funnest anniversaries (here's where I get to the food).

The two of us are diehard Giants fans. It's one of the things we've always had in common. My gift to him was a Giants game. I'm always down for seeing my favorite players (celebrities in my eyes) but the food! My goodness, the ballpark food!
I don't mean to sound unladylike, but I can eat like a man! Yes, this was all mine. I'm telling you the bratwurst with the sweet sauteed onions and a ton of mustard it's making my mouth water. And you will never catch me eating one without Gilroy garlic fries and a soda (I despise beer). I use to be a faithful Giants Dog kind of girl until our last game before this one when I had a bite of my first ballpark bratwurst. I haven't looked back since. I'm telling you this made the anniversary, I could have gone home right after this.

Of course we didn't. It just so happened that certain restaurants in San Francisco were participating in Dine About Town. If you don't know what this is, let me inform. Select restaurants in major cities create a predetermined menu for lunch and dinner consisting of a couple choices for different courses. I think I spent like 3 full days reading every restaurants' menu deciding where we should go. What, you mean Mike didn't want that task? Up until the night before we had it narrowed it down to two with reservations at both.  The restaurant of choice? Isa!

I know it looks small. That's because it is. If you've never been to San Francisco, it's okay, everything is like that. That's how they fit so much into the city. Nonetheless, the food was to die for. Our first course was steamed mussels in a garlic broth. I've been obsessed with mussels since my 22nd birthday at Passionfish. Could you blame me? These were served with a loaf of crusty bread. Mmmm...

I ordered the scallops with mashed potatoes and asparagus. My scallops were cooked perfectly and didn't have a lot seasoning. I prefer scallops like this. I've always said that scallops taste the most like the ocean, in a good way :)

Mike ordered the flank steak that came with zucchini and potatoes. He said the sauce on the steak was a little spicy but it was really good with the meat. Personally, I loved his zucchini. They were perfectly seasoned and cooked.

But the one thing that made the dinner was the creme brulee. Neither of us had ever tried it before but it was very exciting to see them arrive at our table.
Foodie love.
They were vanilla bean creme brulee. Mike couldn't believe how amazing it was either. I know he would love if we made them...but I think we should just go back to get more.

We had such a positive experience with the restaurant and Dine About Town that I know we'll be doing it again. The whole restaurant was full of people with the same meals, laughing, and having a good time. It was a dressy-casual place that was very relaxed. I enjoyed the whole experience.

Before we left for home we stopped by the Fisherman's Grotto to get some sourdough from Boudin. We were still stuffed from dinner but knew it would be worth taking home for later.
We didn't get anything fancy like these, just a loaf to take home. Mike enjoyed sandwiches with it. We had an amazing anniversary and whenever we see the pictures from that day we always smile.


  1. Happy belated anniversary. Glad y'all had a good time. Great post.

  2. Happy Anniversary, what a wonderful trip. Glad to know there are other women baseball fans out there (although I am personelly a Phillies fan) but I can relate to the love of the sport!

  3. Thank you ladies! Rachel- there's nothing funner than a baseball game for a team you absolutely love. Ps, good luck to your team, I'm following them!

  4. What a great way to celebrate your Anniversary! Everything looks yummy!