August 23, 2011

Classic Avocado Cheeseburgers and Fries

It's not a secret that we eat organic as much as we possibly can. The only problem with eating meat that's not mass-produced and mostly meat-filler is that it's expensive. Being college students, we can't exactly spend a lot of money on meat, especially when I can make a lot of tasty dishes that don't need it.

However, I was relieved when my mom sent a care package of grocery essentials that included hamburger meat. Right away I started thinking of all the recipes I could make - anything but meatloaf or Hamburger Helper. We also don't get the chance to eat out often (even though we think of every reason why we should) so what better thing to make than cheeseburgers? My mom gave us a pound of meat, but since there's only two of us I only used half. The problem was that I didn't think just the burger would be enough after a long day at work, so I decided to make fries too.

Beware, this is not a healthy meal. The thing is, well, I didn't try to make it one - if you can believe that. I think some meals should just be what they are. This is one of them.

French Fries

What You'll Need:
 4 Potatoes 
Vegetable Oil

Start the fries first. Peel about 4 potatoes and cut them into your favorite fry shape. I chose to go with long fries that would get crispy.

Heat about 2 1/2 inches of oil in a large pot. After a few minutes on medium heat, the oil should be hot enough. Put a small fry in and see if it sizzles. If it just sits there and no bubbles are coming out, it's not hot enough. So when it is put just a few fries in. Make sure they're all submerged in oil so that they all cook evenly. Use tongs to flip them after 4 minutes.

When they are golden brown take them out and put them on a plate with two layers of paper towels to absorb the oil. Sprinkle salt on them right away. Remember to cook these in small batches, it may take a little longer but they will cook evenly. You can also put any other kinds of seasonings on your fries at this point. This is just my basic recipe but lot's of stuff would be awesome - but all that's for another post...

Classic Avocado Cheeseburgers

What You'll Need:
1/2 - 1 pound Hamburger Meat
Garlic Powder
Season All
1 Avocado
 American cheese
2 Hamburger buns

Before you get your hands germy and dirty get out your grill and preheat it. We don't have a BBQ (yet) but we do have a grill/griddle thing that's a lot like a George Foreman. Get your 1/2 pound of meat and separate that into two pieces. I'm super phobic about raw meat!! I probably washed my hands five times just caring the meat from place to place. I hate the amount of mess raw meat leaves behind and I hate knowing how sick it can make people so please be careful!

You can use your own seasonings for burgers but I didn't have the opportunity to go out and by special stuff so I made my own "grill mix." Season All is my favorite seasoning to put on chicken or beef. Add the amounts of stuff you like onto each soon-to-be-patty. 

Roll each half into a ball making sure to mix the seasonings in well. Pat those down into patties. Wash your hands. Done.

By now your grill should be hot. Throw those babies on. While they're cooking cut your avocados, mayo-up your buns, and wash the lettuce. After about 8 minutes the patties should be done. I actually lowered the heat because I was afraid I would burn them or something. So just cook them until they're not pink in the middle anymore. Mine are a little dark from some of the extra seasoning I put while they were on the grill but they were totally juicy and delish!

 Assemble your burgers and serve the fries. And don't worry about the fact that you're eating a burger - enjoy it... it's awesome and you know it!

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