August 20, 2011

Triple-Stacked Breakfast Sammies

 I'm the kind of person that likes things mashed, mixed, and eaten all together. Not to toot my own horn but I'm the queen of crazy concoctions. Like most of the things I make, this was completely spontaneous. The second best part of this sandwich (the first being taste) is that there aren't any rules - you can add whatever you want, or whatever you have.

What You'll Need:
(makes 2 sandwiches)
4 Breakfast sausage patties (maple flavored)
2 Slices of American cheese
2 Frozen hash brown patties
4 Eggs
 4 Slices of bread

The first step is to get a large pan and spray it with non-stick cooking spray. Put the sausage patties and hash browns in the pan on medium heat. I used patties because when I bought them, that was all the store had. Had they been links I would have probably cut them up and mixed them in with my eggs. And I always have these hash browns on hand. My mom use to buy them and they're so delicious and easy to make. You can bake them, or fry them like I did. Just make sure you flip them every few minutes until they're no longer cold in the middle. When they're done, put them aside.

As those are cooking, get your eggs ready. I always add a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of milk to my eggs. Of course, this is totally optional. 

Cook the eggs on low heat. You'll want to keep the eggs together as much as possible, so go more for "omelet" than "scramble." 

While the eggs are cooking, toast the bread and put mayo on both sides. Like the rest of my family, I have a small addiction to mayo and love it on whatever I can get it on. When the eggs are done separate them into sections in the pan so it makes it easier to put on one slice of bread. Assemble the rest of it by putting one hash brown and two sausage patties on the other slice of bread. Put cheese on the egg and close the sandwich up.
These are really good and filling. We both enjoyed them, even though Mike gets skeptical when I don't tell him what I'm doing beforehand. I'll definitely be making these again. 


  1. LOVE breakfast sandwhiches! This has got all of my breakfast favorites in one sandwhich....I'm thinking I may go to the kitchen right now and whip one up!

  2. I LOVE things piled in sandwiches! Especially one's to start off your day - if you make one let me know how it goes!!