August 15, 2011

Deep Fried Avocado

 When you grow up in California like us, it's hard to not have a small addiction to avocados. (Calories? Sorry, I can't hear you). Here in California you can find avocados on everything; pizzas, burgers, salads, pasta, and even in drinks. When you pair the awesome fruit (though I'm convinced it's a vegetable, tree or no tree) with hot oil - aka fat - you can't deny what you get. I can eat avocado out of the peel and definitely served deep fried. Every bite is creamy, crunchy and worth every calorie - or whatever that word was. To top it off they're easy to make. 

You will need:
3/4 C milk
1 C flour
2 eggs beaten w/ 2 T water
2 avocados 
vegetable oil

Start with your dipping stations. I know I watch too much Top Chef.

Next, cut your avocados in half and take out the pit. Make sure you have a big, strong man to do this for you.
 All I had was this weirdo...

Cut the halves into slices. Around this big.

TIME TO START DIPPING! It's about to get messy. It's an easy drill - milk, flour, egg, flour, egg. The double-dip is essential. You want them completely coated so they fry evenly. Before you get your hands dirty get about an inch and half of oil on low heat in a medium size pot.

 Place all of the dipped pieces on a plate so that you can deep fry them at once. After about a minute and a half use a fork to flip them.

Get a plate with, a paper towel on it, to place them on when they're cooked. As soon as they're on the plate sprinkle them with salt - you won't regret it. Let them cool for about 5 minutes, dip them in your favorite ranch, then devour. 
If you're eating them with someone (and I don't blame you if you're not) be prepared for several minutes of silence while you enjoy your deep fried treats - we won't blame you for that either! Enjoy!

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